Eurobraille develops high quality and innovative Braille displays, notetakers and software designed for people with vision loss. Since close to 30 years, eurobraille is dedicated to provide the visually impaired with solutions that enables them to become educated, make their everyday life easier and provide autonomy in their working environment.

As a world first, eurobraille has introduced esytime, an integrated Braille notetaker and display on an evolutive Windows 7 platform ; esytime is compatible with all screen reader software and gives access to the Internet.

esytime is a new generation Braille device, it is both a notetaker, Braille computer and a Braille display all-in-one, compact and autonomous.

esytime is equipped with a 32-character Braille display, a 10 key Braille keyboard, 2 joysticks, 8 function buttons and a exchangeable battery providing up to 13 hours autonomy.

esytime is available in two versions: esytime standard, equipped with 32 cursor routing keys for Braille display navigation and the optical esytime, equipped with a new patented optical navigation which responds to the movements of the fingers for reading, moving the cursor or validate menu selections.

A true Braille computerWindows 7 provides the stability of esytime. NVDA screen reader is standard, included ready to use. Alternatively, you can install Jaws, Supernova, Cobra... or other compatible Windows software needed and of course connect your peripherals (printers, scanners...). There are no more software compatibility issues or preferred file formats!

You can also browse the Internet or manage your email anywhere using Wifi... No need to have both a PC and a Braille notetaker with you: esytime is enough!

Using its Braille terminal mode, esytime can be connected to your personal or business computer with a standard screen reader for reading, working and navigation