Blindness Solutions: esytime

Esytime is a Braille device of new generation, both notebook, computer Braille and Braille display, all in a compact and autonomous.

Esytime has a Braille display of 32 characters, a 10-key input keyboard, 2 joysticks, 8 function keys, a removable battery providing up to 13 hours of battery life.

Esytime is available in two versions: esytime standard with 32 sliders routine for navigating the Braille display and optical esytime with a new patented optical navigation that responds to finger movements so as to read, move the cursor or validate menus

A real computer Braille

Windows 7 ensures the stability of esytime . The NVDA screen reader is standard, ready for use; you can also install Jaws, Supernova, Cobra ... or other Windows-compatible software you will need; and of course connect your peripherals (printers, scanners ...): no compatibility problems with your software and preferred file formats!

You can also browse the Internet or manage your email anywhere with the Wifi ... No need to have both a PC and a Braille notebook: esytime enough! The 'Braille terminal' mode connects esytime your computer to read, work and surf the Internet (a standard screen reader to be installed, for example Jaws or NVDA)? To your computer using a compatible screen reader , and using as the "terminal" of reading Braille or seizure

If necessary, esytime can also connect to your home or office PC using a compatible screen reader, thus becoming a 'terminal' reading or typing.