Indoors provides a mobile SDK that enables you to locate and navigate indoors. The SDK is intuitive to use and easy to integrate in any App. Further features such as a White-Label-App (for both Android and iOS), Routing and Location-Sharing are offered.

Such Apps are especially interesting for Shopping Malls, Transport Stations, Universities, Airports, and other similar fields. It provides you not only with a higher customer satisfaction, but also with Customer Analytics and targeted Real-Time Marketing, which is becoming crucial to all kinds of businesses. Check and try it out yourself on!

So WHAT is this all about?It didnot take long, since the founding in 2010, for to become the indoor positioning and navigation technology leader. We believe that indoor (In-Location) is the next evolutionary milestone for the positioning and navigation industry. For this reason, we are working day in day out to 'get indoor location-based services available on every device'. HOW well are we doing?

  • Unique R&D talent with background in RF, DSP, sensor fusion and computational processing methods (e.g. CERN)
  • ARM Connected Community member.
  • Solid business foundation through investments by SpeedInvest seed fund, Tecnet equity and strategic investor Techinvest.


  • Winner @ WKO Born Global Champion 2015
  • Nominee @ Mercur 13 Innovation Prize
  • Nominee @ Futurezone Start-up of the Year Award 2013
  • Winner @ Jungunternehmer Wettbewerb 2012
  • Nominee @ Mobile Premier Awards 2011
  • Winner @ MobileMonday Austria Demo Night 2010

Then WHERE can you find us?We are currently located in Lower Austria (headquarter), Vienna (developer office) and Silicon Valley (landed 2012), and we operate on a vast range of international projects (view them on our customer page). And WHO do we work with?

  • Developers: Develop/integrate indoor navigation capabilities into mobile applications and roll out end-to-end solutions to customers/users.
  • Handset Manufacturers: Integrate highly optimized indoor navigation capabilities natively (incl. API) or on application level.
  • Chipset Manufacturers: Embed indoor navigation capabilities into hardware SOC designs and products.
  • LBS Platform Providers: End-to-end technology (client and back-end) to include indoor navigation capabilities per industry standards.
  • Mapping Providers: Round out mapping and service/application offerings, on client side and back-end, on fingerprinting side (incl. SLAM-Engine).